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An individual BreathDance Session consists of evaluation & listening, and
discussions about anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system at the youngest member’s understanding level. BreathDance uses the Buteyko Breathing Method as the foundation for the work.

Learn what is possible and what Optimal Health looks like. Breathing affects our body’s ability to stay alive and thrive every second in a trillion ways!

Learn some basic exercises, how and when to apply them, and what a Remedial Breathing Plan might look like.

The goal is for you to understand the importance of your respiratory system, how it works, how to use it as nature intended, and gain tools and techniques you can begin using immediately to revitalize and restore your Optimal Health via the Breath.


Healing using the Breath is generally not a “quick fix” although it will often reverse symptoms immediately, especially for children. Of great importance are the long-term health and immune system strengthening benefits which you will continue to experience throughout your life.

Following an initial Individual Session, Breath Coaching is available to continue the work and practice. Generally, the sessions are 1 hr, weekly or monthly, to be determined individually.

I will forever acknowledge the work of Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, MD whose work changed the course of my life and continues to inform my breath, day after day and moment after moment, and will for the rest of my life.

Thank you.

This Breath is the One that counts.

Breath Dance
Individual Session

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