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Breath Coaching

Breath Coaching is available after an initial individual session or class series.


It is for anyone who would like to have ongoing regular support in their breathing practice and in the ongoing process of regulating and tuning your body, mind and spirit using the tools of a conscious breathing practice. 

Breath coaching sessions are arranged individually according to need. Whether you are a beginner on this journey or have a good grasp of the respiratory system and all of its intricacies, these sessions can be an important adjunct to your journey of excellent health! 

BreathDance uses foundations of the medical Buteyko Breathing  Method to teach restorative breathing and techniques to return to  the norm.  

The norm is how our bodies are physiologically meant to breathe.  The norm is to be primarily in parasympathetic dominance (rest,  regenerate, recharge), ready to leap forward into sympathetic when needed (fight, flight, freeze).  

Weekly or monthly. In person or online.

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