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Breath Dance
Family Sessions

Dorisse will come to your home when we schedule a minimum of four 1-hr classes with the same family members present each time.  The first class may extend up to 1.5 hours.  

Classes will be taught at the level of the youngest child, with  ample time for questions. Each class requires some listening,  especially in the beginning. Classes will be practical, quiet and/or  lively, focused on what can be done today to implement remedial breathing practices in the family. As classes progress, we might  include games and music or a playground outing (Breathing during activity).  

We will cover: 

  • Basic respiratory anatomy and physiology and what is  normal, healthy breathing.

  • Buteyko breathing exercises and how to apply them towards  restoration of health and for wellness maintenance.

  • Essential components of nutrition and hydration in relation to  breathing. 

  • Breathing in sports and exercise.


I request that no distractions be entertained during the classes.  Having toddlers or critters with other loved ones is important and will help us stay focused. Please turn cell and home phones and television off (even in another room). Having a Do Not Disturb  sign on the room we are in or front door is helpful. Get everyone something to drink ahead of time, water is always preferred!  

We want these classes to have as helpful and positive outcome as  possible. 

Packages are available for 3 or 5 sessions for one or two adults.  All children up through the age of eighteen are free.

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