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Breathing Circles

Breathing Circles offer an opportunity to come together as a community to Breathe. The respiratory system is THE most important physiological pathway to greater health and longevity and the one tool we have access to at every moment of every day. 

Breathing is all about Balance. The lungs are 85%  responsible for pH balance in the body, along with 15% from the kidneys. Two lungs, two kidneys. Easy and equal in and out breaths are a healthy norm. As  above, so below, light/dark, sun/moon, joy/grief. 

Each session will be different and offer a balanced trinity. Beginning with the talk of the day, we’ll next experience a deeply nourishing parasympathetic reset  (rest, renew, regenerate), followed by discussion, questions or feedback.  

Spontaneity, Synchronicity and Spirit will be our  guide as we explore Breath’s connection to and  importance in the 4 aspects of our human selves:

• Physical (simple anatomy and physiology of  normal, healthy breathing)  

• Emotional (how anxiety and stress contribute to  respiratory health or dysfunction) 

• Mental (using our thoughts and words to ensure optimal health and well-being) 

• Spiritual (connection to higher Self and life  source using our innate Power of Breath and  perfect healing tool) 

Come join us! It is in person only and open to newcomers as well as seasoned practitioners of the art of breathing. 

1st and 3rd Monday of the Month 5-6pm

Please do your best to be on time!

Donations are accepted anywhere from $10 - $50. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Drop-Ins welcome. Registration is encouraged but not required.

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