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Drawing on thousands of years of the "science" of breath and respiration, we will delve into new research showing the reality of time reversal and bodily rejuvenation and engage in practical mindful breath and awareness exercises in this one-hour experiential presentation. Let's put into action and imprint into our minds and bodies current New Thought principles which are requisite for entry into and participation in this New Paradigm that we all know is happening!

2023 Red Tent Sisterhood ~ Gathering of the Tribe



12:30 and 6:00 pm BreathDance with Dorisse Aha. Breath is our most Sacred practice, the gift of life at birth. When spiritual and physical aspects are balanced, radiant well-being is the promise. Simple breathing exercises offer immediate core strengthening of all body systems and a greater capacity to be present and grounded at any stressful moment.

Gaia Gathering May 2023 in Madison, Virginia 

Central Virginia is a bountiful region full of plant stewards, farmers, herbalists, activists, healers, advocates, community leaders and creatives. We are honored to bring together a remarkable group of guides & practitioners for this years gathering. Please join us in celebrating and supporting the work of these teachers at Gaia and beyond.

Let Breath Be Your Guide Dance Your Way into JOY with Dorisse Aha

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