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~ Rest and Restore ~
A Two-Hour
Breathing Workshop

Let’s come together for a fascinating, honest, delicious and life changing look at  Respiration and Breath! Offered in-person or virtually.

This workshop is for anyone interested in how their own respiratory system  works, how to breathe “better”, or how to move through daily life with more  ease, presence, gratitude, fortitude and Resilience. 

Respiration is the work of the lungs; when respiration is out of balance, our bodies  develop symptoms in major body systems ~ respiratory, immune, circulatory, neurological, digestive, and hormonal. Incorrect breathing disturbs basic body chemistry and stops optimal oxygen uptake to the body. 

Breathing is the medicine of Repair ~ that which we have in our internal power tool cabinet to utilize instantaneously. From time immemorial, individuals have used mindfulness and breathing exercises to Remediate even the worst of medical diagnoses.

We’ll talk about the upper & lower respiratory systems, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, emotions, and the mind. How do they all affect and become affected by the breath? 

Come prepared to learn and practice some simple and powerful breathing techniques based on the Buteyko Breathing Method, developed in Russia in the 1950s. Its international influence and acceptance have helped create a roadmap for cultivating optimal health and freedom in body, mind, and spirit. 

Tune into your Life Force. Receive and feel the deep connections within that originate with our first precious Baby Birth Breath. 

Respiration is our body's primary regenerative, reparative, restorative system of renewal. 

With Breath, All Things Are Possible

In the Office: Thursdays 2pm

Virtual: Wednesdays 5pm on Zoom

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