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Respiratory and Buteyko Educator

Dorisse is an internationally recognized leader in the mushrooming field of breathwork as the most powerful tool for reclaiming optimal health, and to cope with the demands of life in the 21st century. Dorisse Aha, Respiratory and Buteyko Educator, nurse, herbalist, writer and performing artist, has been teaching people of all ages about natural health for over 40 years. She has traveled, lived, taught and published internationally and invites individuals to learn the basics of reclaiming responsibility for their health using Breath as the prefect transformational tool.


Her professional career has taken her  from midwifery to hospice, from native american reservations to homes in rural communities around the world, from emergency rooms to critical care units. With graceful enthusiasm Dorisse teaches from a new paradigm of health - one of wellness vs. illness, one of self healing and personal empowerment. She offers classes, workshops and public speaking events for all ages and teaches that Optimum Breathing is at the Heart and Foundation of Wellness. Dorisse is the founder of BreathDance ~ Wellness Through Breathing located in Charlottesville, Virginia. 


With breath all things are possible






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