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A Resting Breath Exercise

The goal here is to teach yourself to rest in the pause after the exhale. Having a timer is helpful.

Sit quietly and pay attention to your breathing. Notice

everything you can; feel it in and out of your nostrils, feel where your body moves, feel your exhale.

Notice the settling that happens when you stop doing and pay attention. Imagine you’re a gecko on the ceiling watching yourself breathe.

Be here now, in this moment.

Equalize your breaths, in and out through your nose and determine a comfortable breath count.

2 in, 2 out; or 3 in, 3 out?

Do this for at least a minute to determine your own comfortable rhythm.

Then begin an in-out-pause pattern. Pause after the exhale for a count equal to both combined. (2 in/ 2 out/ 4 hold; or 3 in/ 3 out/ 6 hold).

Stay with this pattern for a few minutes; wiggle your fingers or toes to distract from discomfort.

Resist the urge to take a deep breath; if you have to, bring the breath low into your belly, and then

pause, and rest.

When this breathing exercise is done regularly over time your brain’s respiratory control center will reset into a more optimal respiratory pattern.

Let it become familiar and it will serve you well. Have patience and persevere!

~ Low and Slow ~ Less is More

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