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Eucpanic Breathing

Updated: May 24

The Buteyko Breathing Method, named after it's Ukrainian founder Konstantin P. Buteyko, MD, is a "eucapnic" breathing method which helps to restore healthy levels of carbon dioxide in the body. Since the 1960's it has been used to successfully reverse hundreds of conditions caused  by chronic hyperventilation which can result in dysfunction throughout all major body systems.

It offers a promising solution to the current worldwide asthma epidemic (has been shown consistently in medical trials to reduce medication use by up to 90%).  

Eucapnic - Buteyko breathing:  

  • Restores Optimal Health and pH by correcting the underlying cause of disease in the body.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • Corrects symptoms of asthma, allergies, anxiety, sleep apnea and insomnia.

  • Normalizes high AND low blood pressure.

  • Reverses heart irregularities. 

  • Reverses breathlessness, even for those diagnosed with emphysema or COPD.

  • Improves circulation and diabetic complications.

  • Improves metabolic rate and normalizes weight

  • Is easy to learn, even for children as young as 5 years old.

Several years ago, I read this story. It is what strengthened my commitment to the Buteyko breathing method.

"The complications of emphysema, asthma and panic attacks led me to a point where I was fearful to leave the house. Stopping at a local bookstore one day, I saw a book on Buteyko. I picked it up, read it, re-read it, and within the next 24 hours re-re-read the book.

I could not believe what I was reading! The book Breathing Free maintained that the problem persons with asthma and emphysema have is not a shortage of oxygen but, rather, a shortage of carbon dioxide in their system which prevents the efficient use of oxygen. After reading the book three times - really studying the book - I decided - what do I have to lose? Within three days after exposure to that book - I put aside the oxygen tanks; I stopped all bronchodilator inhalers and I haven't looked back since!

It has not been easy but oh is it worthwhile! Buteyko saved me from a fate of slow strangulation. I will be forever indebted to Buteyko and all his followers who have preceeded me in this miraculous yet simple method of treatment. It is very important to do breathing exercises daily; it is important to breath through nostrils only - no mouth breathing. In 8 months of doing Buteyko I feel better than I have felt in 5 years. I no longer have any problem sleeping; my nostrils are clear, no coughing, I have lost weight. You are about to be astonished at what Buteyko offers!" KM, Washington, DC

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